Conductor’s Comments — Surf! was designed to give our audiences a thrill ride. It completely met our expectations, and it helped our mission to portray our orchestra as a hip and exciting ensemble. The soloists, Lindsay Deutsch and Todd Rewoldt, played with incredible fire and virtuosity, and the customized video took the viewer into the ocean and over the waves.

The music was extremely imaginative, unique and full of energy. It also has the optional flexibility to add a Customized Surf Video or computer generated sounds for added effect, depending on one’s budget and resources.
However, it stands beautifully alone as a straight ahead double concerto.

On a technical level, the piece came together amazingly quickly and our players (and me too!) absolutely loved digging into the music. For being an orchestra based in a city where the ocean plays such a central role in all our lives, and where surfing is the quintessential California dream activity, this piece was such a meaningful and buzz-worthy experience for us.”

Jung-Ho Pak
Artistic Director
Orchestra Nova